Official IDRS 2022 Conference Store

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Conference T-Shirts, IDRS 2022 Posters, Evening Gala Concert Tickets

Official IDRS 2022 51st Conference “Chautauqua” T-Shirt

The IDRS Chautauqua t-shirts are available exclusively from this site, and are not available from the conference registration site. 100% cotton – $30
Options XL, L, M, S

Order by July 1

Official IDRS 2022 “Music with Altitude” T-Shirt (limited suppy)

The IDRS 2022 Music with Altitude T-Shirt was available with registration. A limited number of remaining T-Shirts are available for sale. 100% cotton – $30
Options XL, L, M, S

Order by July 1

IDRS 2022 Conference Limited Edition Posters

Music with Altitude – 24 x 18 – $12

Chautauqua – 18 x 24 – $12

Evening Gala Concert Tickets

Conference registration options, excluding the” Exhibit Only” option, include admission to evening concerts in Macky Auditorium Concert Hall. Additional individual tickets are available for evening concerts.

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