Opening Gala


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IDRS 2022 Conference Festival Orchestra
Gary Lewis, Conductor

Titus Underwood, oboe
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra – Ulysses Kay (1917-1995)
I. Allegro II. Lento III. Allegro

Kathleen McLean, bassoon
“Big Booster” for solo bassoon and strings (2017/revised 2021) – Chiel Meijering (b. 1954)
Big Booster

Viola Wilmsen, oboe
Oboe Concerto op. 7 – Marie Clemence de Grandval (1828-1907)
I. Allegro moderato II. Andantino con moto III. Final- Moderato maestoso
Pub: G. Schirmer Inc. and Associated Music Publishers

Sophie Dervaux, bassoon
Bassoon concerto – Bruno Delepelaire (b. 1989)

– Intermission –

Peter Cooper, oboe
Concerto No. 1 in d minor – Ludwig August Lebrun (1752-1790)
Allegro. Grazioso. Rondo – Allegro

Katherine Needleman, oboe
Oboe Concerto in D Minor, Op. 20 – Ruth Gipps (1921-1999)
I. Allegro moderato. II. Andant. III. Allegro vivace
Pub: Emerson Edition Ltd

Fábio Cury, bassoon
Concerto for bassoon, strings, and harp (2009) – André Mehmari (b. 1977)
Burleske. Lamento. Fagode, pacote

Funding for the Opening Gala was made possible in part by the Bixler Faculty Fund of the University of Colorado Boulder, College of Music.

Oboe Concerto in D minor, Op. 7 by Marie Clemence de Grandval presented under license from G. Schirmer Inc. and Associated Music Publishers, copyright owners.
Bassoon Concerto Opening Gala Oboe Performance
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