Chamber Music Gala 1


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Yoshi Ishikawa, bassoon; Peter Cooper, oboe; Carpe Diem String Quartet
Out of the Depths, Sextet for Oboe, Bassoon and String Quartet (2021) – Korine Fujiwara
1. De Profundis 2. Sway 3. Among the Winds at Play 4. Passacaglia (for J)

IDRS 50 for 50 Commissioning Project – 2021 Commissions
Toyin Spellman-Diaz, oboe; Hsiao-Ling Lin, piano
Pranayam for Oboe and Piano – Reena Esmail
1. Dirgha 2. Kapalbhati 3. Nadi Shodhana 4. Simha 5. Ujjayi

Jaime González, oboe; José-Antonio Escobar, guitar
“Arpeggione” D.821 (1824) by Franz Schubert (1797-1828) in an arrangement made by me (the oboe part) and my colleague (the guitar part) from the facsimile of the work.

– Intermission –

Hans Agreda, contrabassoon; Brenda Ishikawa, piano; Carpe Diem String Quartet; Jason Thompson, bass
Barroqueana Sudamericana Nr. 3 for Contrabassoon, Strings, Bass and Cembalo – Efraín Oscher (*1974)
1. Merengue con Moto 2. Choro Affettuoso 3. Alla bembé

Daniel Velasco, flute; Margaret Marco, oboe; Ellen Sommer, piano
POSTALES NOCTURNAS for flute, oboe, and piano – Leonardo Cardenas (b. 1968) *World Premiere
1. Ojos del tiempo danzando 2. Esquina de Azuay y Pasaje Sinchona 3. Nocturna levedad del sueño eterno

IDRS 50 for 50 Commissioning Project – 2021 Commissions
Monica Ellis, bassoon; David Korevaar, piano
Mosaicos for Bassoon and Piano – Tania León

IDRS 50 for 50 Commissioning Project – 2021 Commissions
Melanie Rothman, oboe (2021 Gillet Fox International Competition winner)
Luis Marquez Teruel, bassoon (2021 Norma Hooks Young Artist International Competition winner)
Hsiao-Ling Lin, piano
Tiny Bright Big True Real for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano – Sean Shepherd

Peter Kolkay, bassoon; Carpe Diem String Quartet
Massarosa (2018) for bassoon and string quartet – Mark-Anthony Turnage (b. 1960)
1. Very tender and expressive 2. Intermezzo 3. Very slow and serene

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