Steve Braunstein

Steve Braunstein

Bassoon and Contrabasson

Steven Braunstein, bassoon and contrabassoon, has been a member of the San Francisco Symphony since 1990 and is on the faculty of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Steven played in the Toronto Symphony from 1979 through 1989, and the 2007-2008 season in Valencia, Spain. He’s participated in IDRS Conferences since 1982, including the Boulder Bassoon Band’s performance in 1985. Steven holds a Bachelors from CalArts (1975) and a Masters from SUNY Stony Brook (1977). He studied bassoon with Bill Douglas, Arthur Weisberg, Elias Carmen and William Polisi, contrabassoon with Burt Bial and Paul Camerata, and reed making with Lou Skinner. In 2002, Steven played the world premiere of Michael Tilson Thomas’ Urban Legend for contrabassoon and orchestra. He’s a regular participant of the Grand Teton Music Festival, as well as the Aspen, Sun Valley and Colorado Music Festivals, and has taught at The University of Toronto and SF State.

Recital Chamber – Bill Douglas


Bill Douglas Tribute Concert All Compositions by Bill Douglas (b. 1944) All pieces published by TrevCo Music Publishing Partita #1 for Bassoon and Piano I.Bebop Cantando II. Mirage V. Caribbean Jig Gyungsun Im, bassoon Bill Douglas, piano Two Pieces for Solo Bassoon (1972) Steve Braunstein, bassoon Celtic Reflections Return to Inishmore The Island of Woods […]

Bassoon BSN Perf OB Perf Oboe Performance Special Tribute
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