Keri McCarthy

Keri McCarthy


Keri E. McCarthy, Professor of Oboe at Washington State University will present the US Premiere of Call and Fall by the Chinese composer, Wang A Mao. In 2011, Keri received a Fulbright award in Bangkok, Thailand, to research connections between Thai traditional and contemporary music, commission composers, and perform new works with oboists in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Dr. McCarthy has performed throughout Southeast Asia for more than 18 years and has commissioned more than 20 pieces from composers based in Southeast Asia and China. She and Michael Garza are co-founders of the Pan Pacific Ensemble, a wind quintet dedicated to building bridges between China, Southeast Asia, and the Americas by commissioning and performing music that reflects the shared global experience of music.

Recital Chamber – Pan Pacific Ensemble


Shadow (2003), Narong Prangcharoen (b. 1973) Lento misterioso Miao Mountain Feelings (2016), Yi Qiao (b. 1984) Quarter note = 60 Pub: Self-Published by the Composer Publisher Ironhorses (2017), Nick Omiccioli (b. 1982) Rock ‘N’ Roll Pub: Self-Published by the Composer Pan Pacific Ensemble Sophia Tegart, Flute Keri McCarthy, Oboe Gabrielle Baffoni, Clarinet Martin King, French […]

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