Exhibitors from around the world

Exhibits open from July 27 – July 29; July 30 (1/2 day). Conference open from July 26 – 30.

  • 54 double reed specialty companies will exhibit at the conference, including instrument makers, reed tool manufactures, sheet music and double reed specialists from US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Netherlands.

Exhibitor Registration

Instrument Makers/Instruments

Bernd Moosmann GmbH
Buffet Crampon-Rigoutat
De Gourdon-Loree
Fox Products Corporation
Fratelli Patricola Musical Instruments
Guntram Wolf Holzblasinstrumentebau GmbH
Howarth of London Ltd
Josef Oboes
L’atelier du Hautbois – Fossati
A Laubin Inc.
Marigaux Paris
Moennig Woodwind Instruments
Püchner Spezial-Holzblasinstrumentebau
Rudolf Walter
Stephan Leitzinger

Carlos E. Coelho Woodwinds
Bocal Majority and Operation O.B.O.E
Forrests Music
Kristin Bertrand’s Woodwind Workshop
Midwest Musical Imports
Oboe Chicago, Inc
RDG Woodwinds
The Miller Marketing Co., Inc
Texas Bassoon Company



Reeds and Cane

Barton Cane
Capitol Cane, LLC
Cascade Oboe Reeds
Chicago Reed Company
Oboe Shop
Stellar Oboe Products
Womble/Williams Double Reeds

Brotons & Mecadal
Sign of the Silver Birch Music
Trevco Music & The Music Source

Sheet Music


Baroque Double Reeds
Blue Moon Bassoon
Nielsen Bocal Supply/Weisberg Systems, LLC
US Air Force Academy Band
Wicked Edge / Double Reed Edge

Aria Lights
Chemical City Reeds
Crescendo Musical Instrument Bags
Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds
Golden Bamboo Services
Hodge Products, Inc.
Otter Creek Double Reeds, LLC
Silverstein Works
Wiseman London




Georg Rieger GmbH
Pierre Roy
Reed Machines
Reeds ‘n’ Stuff
Richards Double Reeds/Rath Music Group

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