Conference Information

Conference schedule

  • Over 135 events featuring world-class musicians from US, Europe, South America, and Asia including opening and closing concerto evenings with orchestra, chamber music gala concerts (showcase I and showcase II), solo recitals, chamber ensembles, Masterclasses, and Lectures.

IDRS Baroque Band

  • The IDRS Baroque Band harkens back to the great wind bands of the 17th and 18th centuries. By bringing both solemnity and frivolity, it fosters joy and shared participatory experience for avocational and professional players of historic double reeds…[continue]

Reading Group 2022

  • Reading Groups are sight-reading sessions that have been a regular part of the IDRS Conference since 1999. They are also being planned for the 2022 conference at the University of Colorado. The sessions are designed to be fun and stress-free, yet sufficiently challenging to be musically satisfying. We currently have a library of almost 900 double reed ensembles, each consisting of 2-16 different parts…[continue]

The Universtiy of Colorado Boulder, College of Music

    • The University of Colorado Boulder, College of Music is the hosting institution and Yoshi Ishikawa and Peter Cooper are the hosts of the 51st IDRS Conference.
    • Events will be held at the central campus of the University of Colorado Boulder, in the Imig Music Building’s new $57-million, 64,000-square-foot addition, the historic 2,000-seat Macky Auditorium, and the University Memorial Center’s 10,000-square-foot exhibit hall.

    • Virtually all major bassoon and oboe makers from the US, Europe and Asia will exhibit their instruments and make them available for trial. 
    • One-of-a-kind specialty reed tools, reed cane, and every imaginable double reed gadget made by master craftsman from the US, Europe and Asia will be on display. 
    • Extensive repertoire for double reed instruments will also be available. Conference schedule and artist info will be posted by February 2022. Early Bird Registration is open mid February, 2022.

Hosts Yoshi Ishikawa and Peter Cooper have committed to foster and embrace a core mission for the CU Boulder IDRS 51st Conference that it will be anti-racist, diverse, and inclusive, and will provide a welcoming environment for every individual in the worldwide community of double reed professionals, students, enthusiasts, and industries.

High Altitude Reed Advice – Oboe

Boulder, Colorado has an altitude of 5,328 feet (1,624 meters). When traveling from a lower altitude to a higher one, generally two things happen to oboe reeds…




High Altitude Reed Advice – Bassoon

Anyone traveling from near sea level to Boulder will experience dramatic changes to their reeds. The following are suggestions based on my experience living and performing bassoon in Boulder…




String Quartet-in-Residence

Carpe Diem, the official string-quartet-in-residence during the IDRS 2022 Conference, will perform chamber music for double reed instrument/s and string quartet with selected artists.

“The Carpe Diem players turned in a fiery and flexible performance that was astonishingly free…” (The New York Times)


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